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  • Why a Mercedes is a great choice for a second-hand car

    Secondhand Mercedes

    Mercedes-Benz use the slogan 'The best or nothing' to describe their brand and it really shows in the quality of the build.

    They have a reputation for producing cars that can outlast most on the roads today. Durable, reliable and great to look at, if you see a used Mercedes for sale, you'd do well to take a closer look.

    Safety features are rock solid on Mercs and the luxury feel never fades with age. This makes it an ideal family car as well as impressing clients and neighbours alike.

    You may think that spares and parts are expensive but Mercedes have an excellent network of suppliers and that, coupled with the quality of the parts, means they last a long, long time - resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

    The C-Class is probably the most popular choice of second-hand Mercedes. There are five door estate models and four door sedans that come in both petrol and diesel options, so you can find one to perfectly meet your needs, whether it's power, economy, family or luxury that you're after.

    The A-Class is a classic luxury car and their long life spans mean that you can still pick up a great-looking luxury car for less than a new family run about.

    It is important to check a few of the key features when you are considering a used Mercedes. If it has Active Body Control sensors, make sure they are in tip-top condition or you may feel a slight vibration as you drive.

    Air hoses should also be inspected regularly as they can become cracked over time. Other than general wear and tear, there is little else to worry about if you buy your used Mercedes from a trusted dealer.

    All this means that when you drive your almost new luxury car off the forecourt, you'll still get that buzz you get with a new Mercedes but for a more affordable price.